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In "The Queen's Gambit Job" when Sterling is actually on the side of the band, he falls into this by systematically sabotaging everyone's part in the con for his own personal reasons. Notably, all of her team members work with her by turns throughout the series in an effort to help her overcome this problem; an entire episode, "The Juror 6 Job," is touched off by Nate's decision that serving jury duty would be a useful learning experience for her, and by the series finale she's made enough progress to take over in the role of the team's Mastermind after Nate retires. I love the episode where they parodied The Office and Eliot and Hardison are feuding the whole time because Eliot made this totally awesome sandwich: Contents [ show ]. Also, don't spill Eliot's coffee on him.

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Hardison's tendency to go WAY over-the-top when he grifts gets him into trouble on occasion, like in "The Iceman Job," when he is kidnapped by Russians.

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Alec Hardison

Eliot says in "The Office Job", "nobody throws Harrison off a building. Now they would do my heart good if they brought in a sister girl for him to love. Sometimes it's Tara, sometimes it's Maggie.

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